4 seniors: Disposing of prescription, over-the-counter medication safely

OKLAHOMA CITY – When you start cleaning your home for spring, don’t forget about those medicine cabinets.

If you have unused drugs, you may be able to return them to pharmacies, clinics, hospitals and narcotic treatment programs. You can search for an authorized facility here.

You can also drop off your unused medications at designated police departments, fire stations, and other sites on National Prescription Take Back Day.

Many Walgreens and CVS stores have free, anonymous and secure kiosks where you can drop off medication. Remove your personal information from the packaging and drop unwanted medicine in the slot.

If you have to dispose of them yourself, the FDA recommends putting them in a sealable bag with a substance like coffee grounds, dirt or kitty litter. Then seal the bag and throw it in the trash. However, officials say don’t do this with dangerous drugs like opioids.

Another option is to purchase some medication disposal bags like the Medsaway Medication Disposal System. They neutralize medication so you just add water and toss them in the trash. You can find them at some local pharmacies or on Amazon.

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