Oklahoma City bombing prosecutor to lead special counsel in Boren investigation

NORMAN, Okla. - Pat Ryan, who prosecuted the Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh, has now been assigned to the lead the special counsel in the David Boren investigation.

“Continue to demand the transparency on behalf of the investigation for the people of Oklahoma,” Public Advocate Sara Bana said.

This is the mission Sara Bana said she has been focused on.

She’s a public advocate representing Levi Hilliard, who is accusing former OU Vice President Tripp Hall of sexual misconduct while he worked at the University Club in 2017.

“I would just do everything I could to basically stay out of his line of sight,” Levi Hilliard said. “Until he left, it was just constant worry and fear.”

This week, a major shake up took place in the oversight of the investigation into former OU President David Boren and former Vice-President Tripp Hall.

Both men face allegations of sexual misconduct and deny any wrongdoing.

Pat Ryan, a former U.S. Attorney who prosecuted the Oklahoma City Bombing case, has been appointed to assist the grand jury during the investigation.

“By doing this, they could now subpoena individuals who may not of been cooperative with this investigation,” Bana said.

Ryan’s office referred News 4 to an appointment letter from the Attorney General’s office.

On Wednesday, Mike Hunter confirmed he recused himself from the case due to a conflict of interest.

The AG’s Office tells News 4, “This will ensure we can continue our attorney-client relations with the university now and in the future.”

“I think this is absolutely hopeful news for victims to know the state is acting with full diligence to find the facts and get to the truth,” Bana said.

Ryan will be reporting to the AG assistants, OSBI investigators, and the grand jurors and offer “legal advice” to decide if any indictments will be issued.

Boren's attorney did not return News 4's call on this matter.

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