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Two deer dead after falling from Creek Turnpike bridge, game warden says

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. – Game wardens are warning residents to be on the lookout, whether while driving or walking, after two deer fell from a bridge and landed onto a walking trail below.

Officials say it happened Tuesday morning when the deer likely got scared from traffic and jumped off the road from the bridge.

However, the jump from the bridge was 30 feet, and the deer landed on a walking trail below, killing them both.

“Not trying to sound cute but it’s just because they’re not very smart and they’re just running and they’re scared of the traffic,” said Carlos Gomez, Tulsa County State Game Warden.

Gomez says it’s just part of nature.

“Wildlife is going to live in the communities, we’re going to have interactions between people and animals and it’s just something we have to deal with,” he told FOX 23. 

Game wardens say if you see dead deer or any type of wildlife that has been killed, call them so they can dispose of it properly.

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