Unmanned aerospace combat drone production brings new jobs to Oklahoma

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma's thriving aerospace industry is getting a boost and bringing hundreds of jobs with it.

Hot off the production line - the first Firejet tactical aerial drone, built by Kratos at the security contractor's brand new Oklahoma City facility.

"A jet, unmanned, aerial target, that's designed to replicate enemy threat aircraft and cruise missiles and basically to allow our military to train for defense of itself," said Steven Fendley, President of Kratos Unmanned Systems Division.

With the Firejet, the Air Force can now practice defense against true targets rather than just simulations.

However, Kratos also announced that another unmanned drone, named Valkyrie will also be produced at the Oklahoma City facility.

Valkyrie is capable of long-range flights at high subsonic speeds.

"This means so much for Oklahoma," said Congresswoman Kendra Horn, (D). "It means hundreds of jobs, they're anticipating 350 plus jobs, high tech jobs that require skilled individuals, good-paying jobs,"

OK Senator James Lankford, (R) said, "What Kratos brings to the table is another defense contractor that's stepping up and saying they're not only finding ready-to-work force, at a great price to be able to be here in Oklahoma, but they're also finding people that are patriotic people that love our country that want to be a part of defending our country."

Kratos boasts about creating quick and affordable security technology for all US military branches and our allies.

Now they can also brag about being part of Oklahoma aerospace - our state's second largest industry, behind oil and gas.

Kratos expects to hire anywhere from 350 to 550 people over the next few years at its Oklahoma City location in high-skilled engineering, design, and manufacturing fields.

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