Oklahoma ranks near bottom for ‘greenest states’ ahead of Earth Day

OKLAHOMA CITY – Next week, people across the globe will do things to help the environment during ‘Earth Day.’

Earth Day is celebrated every April 22, and was created in the United States to increase public awareness of environmental problems.

Now, it is celebrated around the world.

While many countries are doing their part to help the planet, it seems like more work can still be done at home.

WalletHub recently released a study on the greenest states in the country.

Researchers compared the states by looking at factors like air quality, water quality, soil quality, energy-efficiency, total municipal solid waste per capita, green buildings, gasoline consumption, daily water consumption, share of smart electricity meters, share of renewable energy consumption, alternate fuel vehicles, recycled materials and green vehicles.

They also looked at things like carbon-dioxide emissions per capita, methane emissions per capita, nitrous-oxide emissions per capita and fluorinated greenhouse gas emissions per capita.

After compiling the data, Oklahoma ranked 42nd on the list.

Oklahoma ranked as having one of the lowest water quality scores in the United States, and had some of the fewest LEED-certified buildings per capita. Oklahoma also ranked as having one of the lowest percentages of recycled municipal solid waste.


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