Progress made on MAPS 3 Scissortail Park Project

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OKLAHOMA CITY - "I think a lot of times it`s, wow, I didn't know we were gonna have that in the park," David Todd, MAPS 3 program director, said.

Progress was made Thursday on the MAPS 3 Scissortail Park Project.

"Everything is in various states; we're still working on the cafe, we`re still working on the dog park," Todd said.

News 4 got a sneak peek of the $60 million north side of the park on Thursday.

"This is a great time, it`s spring time and we`re actually seeing the park start to look like a park," Todd said.

The work is not over yet.

Timothy Jones, who's helping manage the project, says the park still missing fundamental pieces.

"Big, big, big is a lot of sod that`s getting ready to go down, a lot of buffalo grass is getting ready to go all through the park," Jones said. "We have basically over 25,0000 pavers on the ground now. By closing date, we should have about 190,000 pavers on the ground," he said.

When it's all done, the north side of the park will include a cafe, dog park, splash pad and a lake.

"My understanding is it's gonna be huge," Oklahoma resident Spencer Stone said.

It's also going to have about 1,000 trees.

"Today on the ground we have about 137 trees on the ground and we're looking at by June 18 to have about 968 to complete the project for the trees," Jones said.

One of them, standing out from the rest.

A clone of the 110-year-old American Elm that survived the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.

It'll be planted Friday on the 24th anniversary.

The park is expected to cost about $132 million when it's finished.

Todd tells us most of it is already paid for.

"Remember that MAPS 3 is a program where everything is paid for, so the day that the park opens, it's paid for," Todd said.

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