Former Coyle mayor and husband charged following audit alleging several involved in embezzlement

COYLE, Okla. - A year after a state audit revealed thousands of dollars unaccounted for, even possibly stolen from the city of Coyle, a former mayor and her husband have been charged with embezzlement.

Kristie and John Schroeder are charged with felony embezzlement. Court documents cite the findings of a state audit which partially report that while she was mayor, Ms. Schroeder sold a police cruiser, valued at $1,300, to her husband for $20. He then allegedly turned around and sold it for a profit.

The allegations are frustrating for some in the small town.

"If they're guilty, and I think they are, then they need to go to jail because they're taking money away from people here in Coyle," said resident Mike Jernigan.

The Schroeders declined to comment for this story, but when News 4 spoke to Kristie last year, she said she was the one who requested the audit in the first place for other alleged wrongdoing she became aware of.

In terms of the allegations against her, she said she believed she was well within Oklahoma Statute Title 11-8-113, specifically siting parts B, D, and E. She insists the car was legally auctioned and obtained.

Some around town agree, saying the two may have simply botched the transaction.

"I don't know how the title change laws work but I think it's just an error on John's part," said resident Mike Waltman. "I don't think that he has it within his heart to take a dime from anybody."

Meanwhile, some are questioning why none of the other three people named in the audit are facing charges. The audit reveals the former city treasurer failed to account for more than $9,000 in debit card transactions, and wrote herself two extra paychecks amounting to more than $1,700.

That woman hasn't been charged.

News 4 has tried to reach the Logan County district attorney's office since Wednesday to find out whether there are any other pending charges stemming from the audit, but has not heard back.

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