Oklahoma City brewery rolling out hemp-infused beer for limited time

OKLAHOMA CITY - As CBD and medical marijuana grow in popularity in Oklahoma, we're seeing many different ways you can use the products but here's something you don't see often: hemp-infused beer.

It's an up and coming trend across the country, though it's not as popular in Oklahoma yet.

There's an elephant inside the historic former Sunshine Cleaners building in Downtown Oklahoma City - so let's start by addressing it.

"People come in and they say 'Are we going to get high from this beer?' No, absolutely not. That's not how it works."

Joel Irby is talking about a hemp-infused beer he and his team at Stonecloud Brewing are rolling out on Saturday.

"We tried to have a wide variety all the time, beers that we think are fun," Irby said.

At Stonecloud they have a lot of really unique names for their beers.

Probably the most interesting, though, is 'Chug Norris.'

That is actually the base of the beer we're talking about, it is called 'Hemp, Hemp Hooray.'

It's a name with some roots, literally. it comes from the place where the hemp is grown, Herb's Herbs in Guthrie.

"I guess their kind of slogan is 'Hemp, Hemp Hooray!'" Irby said.

This is actually the second time Stonecloud has rolled out a hemp-infused beer for a limited time.
They've been refining an intricate and thorough process.

The hemp and the beer are both lab-tested to make sure it's safe and that there's no CBD and THC in them.

"We're not advertising it as having any sort of medical properties," Irby said. "It's just an amazing aroma to have in your beer that you can't get from other ingredients."

Irby - an Oklahoma native - spent a few years in Colorado before returning to the Sooner State where times are changing.

"For me, it's crazy," he said. "I never expected medical marijuana to be legal in Oklahoma in my lifetime, honestly. Coming from Colorado it was normal but Colorado and Oklahoma are very different states and have different mindsets."

Stonecloud is planning on selling their beer on tap Saturday, April 20th.

If it goes well, they'll keep refining their process and maybe make it a mainstay.

For more information visit the brewery's Facebook page.

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