Hundreds of feet of fencing stolen from Moore cemetery

MOORE, Okla. - Moore police are searching for a thief after over 500 feet of fencing was stolen from the Moore Cemetery.

“That’s a lot of trouble they went to,” said Jerry Murray, who visits the cemetery every day.

People visiting their loved ones at the cemetery were surprised to find something missing this week.

“Someone went to the south side of the cemetery, removed about 500-foot of black vinyl chain link fence, the top railing of it and like, a 20-foot gate,” said Sgt. Jeremy Lewis with the Moore Police Department.

Over $15,000 worth of fencing was stolen sometime Wednesday evening.

“I didn’t know it was stolen until today. I thought someone took it down on purpose because of construction work,” said Murray.

Murray goes to the cemetery every single day to pay respects to his mother. Like other visitors, he noticed the fence missing but thought the city had taken it down for repairs or replacement.

“I guess they needed the fence. I don’t know any other reason but that’s a lot of work,” Murray said.

Police said so far, they have no leads, but the fencing should be easy to track down. Murray isn’t so sure.

“I don’t think we can do anything about someone who’s going to do that. You gotta catch them,” Murray said.

Some visitors who didn’t want to go on camera said they’ve dealt with thieves at the cemetery in the past. From flowers and other items stolen from headstones to now this. But they hope the fencing is replaced soon.

“It’ll be replaced. Unfortunately, that's passed on to the taxpayers, so it would be really good to catch who did it and it shouldn’t be that difficult. It’s a lot of fence, so, if someone sees something suspicious with a lot of fence, please give us a call,” Lewis said.

The police department says it’s now trying to find surveillance video of the vehicle or person who did this.

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