Beckham County officials investigate two separate but connected murders

BECKHAM CO., Okla. - Two people were found dead in two different locations in Beckham County, and police say the murders are connected.

These new details emerged after witnesses came forward saying a person from one of the victim's past could be responsible for pulling the trigger.

"I think a lot of it is shock, especially with the people," Heather Estrada said.

"I didn't believe it at first," Tiffany Black said.

Shock and horror after a Beckham County couple was found murdered.

"It's hard to process that someone would even take his life," Crystal Blackmon said.

Police say Monique Smith was shot dead in the parking lot of the Heritage House Apartments in Elk City.

Less than 20 miles away, Smith's boyfriend, Norman Gene Burden, was also found dead.

News 4 spoke to three women who worked for Burden at his trucking company.

They said he treated everybody like family and even helped raise Cassie McKeaigg's daughter.

"She was four weeks old when I went back to work and he allowed me to bring her there every single day," Cassie McKeaigg said.

"He did help a lot," Black said. "He was there at my wedding and stayed the whole time."

Gregory Killough was pulled over by police in Tulsa driving Burden's truck.

Those who knew the couple told police he and Smith had a past.

"Just from what I have heard and from putting the pieces together, it`s premeditated," Blackmon said.

Killough is now in the custody of police.

But police say there was a third victim in his alleged shooting spree.

"I call him Geno," Heather Estrada from Clinton Animal Pound said.

Named after his owner, the pit bull mix was also caught up in gun fire, so Heather Estrada decided to take him in.

"You can see where the bullet entered on his nose, traveled down the side of his cheek, shattered his teeth and just stayed there," Estrada said.

The wounded pup was found lying on top of Burden's body protecting his owner from any more harm.

"As you can see, he just loves life," Estrada said.

A trail of confusion is now left for two communities caught in the crossfire.

"He didn't have a mean bone in his body," Blackmon said. "He never spoke mean words to anybody. That just wasn't Gene."

The pit bull mix will remain in Clinton until he is available for adoption.

Monique Smith's family has set up a Go Fund Me account, click here.

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