Security camera captures burglar’s every move

OKLAHOMA CITY - A brazen burglar is on the run in the metro.

He allegedly broke into several cars and also made his way into someone’s garage.

He’s now wanted by police.

Even with all of the cameras all over the neighborhood, the suspect spent over an hour rummaging through a truck, opened the garage and walked away with thousands of dollars in equipment.

“First feeling you always have is you’ve been violated, you know like man how did this happen, but then you get angry watching it,” said Lamont Baker, a victim.

“Taking tools, equipment, welders, lawn equipment and hand tools,” said Baker. “It’s starting to become a reoccurring issue in this area and that’s pretty much myself and my neighbors cameras.”

Next door, cameras caught the man trying to steal a neighbors truck.

“You can see the taillights and stuff coming off and on like he was trying to get it started,” said Nicole Morphew, a victim. “It makes you not really feel safe with it happening more and more often.”

Baker is now asking more of his neighbors to get cameras and to always report anything suspicious.

“We’ve got to look after each other and our properties because it’s becoming a growing problem,” said Baker

Neighbors now hope the man gets caught or surrenders to police.

“He needs to be pulled off the streets and kept from doing this to other people,” said Baker.

Both Baker and Morphew found a few of their stolen items in another neighbor's yard the next day.

But, police are still investigating.

If you recognize the man, give police a call.

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