Electrician impostor appears in court on new fraud charges

Our In Your Corner team was in court Thursday, tracking down an electrician impostor.

It was our team’s first glimpse of Chris Harrell in person. He tried his best to ditch our camera.

Moments earlier, Harrell couldn't run from the judge - this time, answering to new fraud charges.

Kim Barfield is one of dozens of people who said Harrell posed as a licensed electrician, which he's not, and targeted them on social media.

“I posted on Facebook, needing an electrician, and Chris responded ‘I can save you money [and] I can do this, blah, blah, blah,’” Barfield said.

Barfield sued Harrell and won but can't collect.

Harrell's playing with fire, still on probation for fraud convictions in Cleveland, Logan and Oklahoma counties.

Thursday, Harrell wasn’t in the mood to talk to our team and made a bee line for the courthouse stairs.

Harrell's due back in court in mid-June. We’ll continue keeping an eye on his case.

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