Dash camera video shows moment Oklahoma trooper was sideswiped

WEATHERFORD, Okla. - "I think everybody's had just a couple of seconds where their life's path could've changed," said Trooper Travis Hale's wife.

Dash camera video shows the moment things could have taken a deadly turn for Travis. It happened moments after he stopped a speeding driver near Weatherford.

"They weren't doing anything illegal other than that. They were just college students going back to Southwestern," he said.

Travis got in his car to print a warning and, as he was about to get out, he noticed a car speeding toward him.

"They're almost traveling 90 feet per second. So, that amount of distance, you don't have time to react at those speeds," he said.

The driver, Jessica Wells, allegedly sideswiped Travis, hit the car he pulled over and landed in a ditch. Troopers said she was drunk.

"This was right up there on the scary moment because I didn't know what was gonna happen and I knew she was gonna hit me. At that point, there's really nothing you can do; they're traveling too fast," he said.

Travis tried to get out, but his door was jammed shut. He eventually got out to check on the people in front of him.

"Out of their car, they had to get out of the passenger side, they're walking around, I knew they weren't hurt," he said.

Travis's family said, despite the dangers, they're confident he'll always make it home.

"Any of us could be injured any given day or something could happen to us, so I don't sit at home and worry about him. I'm thankful for God's protective hand," Kim Hale said.

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