Three children sustain minor injuries after strong winds lift bouncy house

MUSKOGEE, Okla. – Three children sustained minor injuries after strong winds picked up the bouncy house they were playing on.

Officials say it happened at the Muskogee Public Library’s Touch A Truck event on Saturday.

Event officials say strong winds lifted the bouncy house into the air while three children were playing on it.

“It was up in the air, it was flipping over, and there was a group of people, about 15 of them that it landed on initially, and then it kept on flipping over,” father Anthony Salcido told FOX 23. “I got a glimpse of my daughter in it on one of the flips and she was terrified. But I got to it after about that length and was able to grab onto it and stop it.”

Paramedics and firefighters were already on scene for the event.

The Muskogee Public Library released the following statement on Facebook after the incident saying:

“Earlier this morning at our Touch A Truck event, a particularly strong gust of wind picked up the bouncy house while 3 children were inside. The children were shaken up and sustained some minor injuries. We are so grateful that Muskogee County EMS, Muskogee Fire Department, Brushy Mountain Fire Department, Oktaha Fire Department, and Air Evac were on site for our event and all rushed over to make sure everyone was okay.”

Salcido has a message for parents after the scary ordeal.

“Don’t let your kids get on a bounce house on a windy day,” he said. “Ever.”

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