From OKC Memorial Marathon winner to ultra-marathon world records: Camille Herron still counting her successes.

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Camille Herron hasn't run this race since she won it for the third time in 2015, but she might still be the most recognized runner at the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon, mingling with race officials and fans, and doing a little color commentary for television.

But at the Warr Acres home she shares with her husband and trainer Conor Holt, Camille is kind of her own fan girl, still totally geeked at finding her place as one of the most dominant runners in ultra-marathons today.

"It does surprise me," she smiles. "I had no idea to this day."

She owns several world records now including runs of 100 miles, 50 miles, over a 24 hour period, track, trail, you name it.

Herron even owns a Guinness World Record for the fastest marathon wearing a super hero costume.

"It seems like the further I go, the better I do," she continues. "I've won two races outright beating all the men. So it's like, I've got to keep going further."

Camille ran basketball courts as a kid, but the more she ran, the more she discovered her true gift for long distances.

"When I set the 100 mile world record, I broke it by over an hour and it was such a shock that I could do that."

It was only later that she learned about an inward twisting femur bone in her right leg that forced her to adopt a unique shuffling running style.

Herron adds, "So I don't break down. I can run, and run, and run all day and I don't get tired."

Those three Memorial Marathon trophies proved the platform for later success, the faith that her legs and lungs wouldn't give out.

"After I did that, I mean, I'd been running marathons for so long that I wanted a new challenge so I just decided to try ultra-running and found out I was really good at it."

She has sponsors now, including Nike.

Herron runs part of the Memorial Marathon course just about every day, thinking of those Oklahoma roots and her own very long road to success.

Camille and Conor recently started their own training business.

They also have a busy racing schedule for 2019.

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