Oklahoma man saves the day after tracking down stolen birthday package

TULSA, Okla. – An Oklahoma man was able to get an Oklahoma girl ready for her birthday party following the actions of an alleged thief.

Tony Martinez told FOX 23 that his sister ordered her daughter a dress for her birthday from Amazon. She set up delivery alerts on her phone so a relative could quickly pick up the package once it arrived at their home.

However, the family says an alleged thief got to it first.

Less than 10 minutes after the package was delivered, a security camera captured a Papa John’s delivery driver pulling into the driveway with a flat pizza bag. When she returned to her car, the bag was stuffed.

The family says their relative arrived at the home just a minute after the package was taken.

Family members called police to file a report as Martinez drove to a nearby Papa John’s location and showed the manager the security video. He says he was able to get the driver’s phone number and convinced her to meet him and give the dress back.

The woman apologized and gave the dress back to Martinez. She says she is taking new medication and didn’t even remember taking the dress.

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