Thief pulls quick change on multiple metro cashiers

OKLAHOMA CITY - It's an old trick that is resurfacing and making the retail rounds: police call it quick changing and one metro thief is doing it to confuse cashiers and make out with money and items.

"They go in with the intent of confusing the clerk or the employee who is working behind the register in hopes that they will be able to walk out with more money than they came in with," said Megan Morgan of the Oklahoma City Police Department.

That's exactly what happens at a northwest Oklahoma City office supply store.

"The man that is seen in this surveillance photo entered the store and then attempted to buy some sort of merchandise, and while he was doing that, laid down a bunch of money.  Unfortunately, he actually quick changed the clerk, got her confused and ended up leaving with merchandise that he did not pay for,"said Morgan.

According to police records, the man counts out the $1,000 in cash, handing to the cashier. As she recounts it, the man pulls back $700 of the original $1,000 dollars. He then gives back only $300, but the cashier thinks she still has all $1000. The thief leaves with items and $400 more than he started with. Police call this quick changing.

"He also hit Midwest City over the weekend, so we want to get him identified," said Morgan.

As the job of clerks becomes more and more automated, police say it's important to be on the look out for thieves.

"If they start throwing money down on the counter, just slow down. The process is only going to go as quickly as the person who is processing it, so just take your time. If you suspect that this person is up to no good or suspicious in nature, go ahead and give police a call and have them come out and talk to them," said Morgan.

Call 405-235-7300 if you have information on that man in the video or if you think you might be a victim of this old trick.

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