Crooked Oak school bus crash adds to existing concern about N. Coltrane Road ditches

OKLAHOMA CITY - Residents who live near the area where a school bus full of kids crashed Thursday afternoon say the road has been a problem for years.

The Crooked Oak Middle School bus crashed on its side in a ditch in Oklahoma City, along N. Coltrane Road next to Frontier City. There were 36 passengers on board who were pulled out through windows. The students were checked by medical personnel, and six were rushed to the hospital with what police called minor injuries.

Police said the bus driver swerved to miss a pothole in the road before the tire caught on the lip and sank into the soft earth. The driver lost control and the bus slid on its right side into the ditch.

The driver was not suspected of being under the influence. There are no charges pending.

Now, nearby residents are saying the deep ditches on the immediate sides of that windy section of N. Coltrane Road have been a serious hazard for years.

"I think people tend to speed down that road because it looks like a back country road," said resident Christine Walsh. "So when there's a lot of traffic, spring and summer for Frontier City, it's pretty, it's a dangerous road."

She said she wants the city to add safety measures, or fix the road altogether before her daughter is driving on it herself.

"She's 14 but I told her already that when she turns 16, I don`t want her driving on this road unless they have guard rails," Walsh said.

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