Issues with Oklahoma County Jail’s heat and air system prompt emergency county commissioners meeting 

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OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma County commissioners called an emergency meeting to discuss major problems with the jail’s heat and air system.

"You've got an archaic heat and air system that you cannot control. It's done by steam and, honestly, you cannot control it,” said Sheriff P.D. Taylor.

Over the years, the system has taken its toll on the Oklahoma County Jail.

"There's parts of the building one day will be 95-100 degrees, and there's parts of the building that might be 45 degrees,” Taylor said.

The current issues with the air conditioning at the jail prompted the emergency county commissioners meeting.

"What's currently happening today is the contractor is flushing the system,” said Stacey Trumbo, the Oklahoma County engineer.

The system is being flushed in order to get rid of debris that has built up over the years.

The process should take about a week, and the air could be turned on Monday but there are a few problems.

"You've got warranties that could be voided. Maybe, maybe not. You have potential for contractor interference claims,” Trumbo said.

Also, the pipes wouldn’t be fully insulated.

The commissioners voted to wait a week to turn the air back on when the insulation is complete.

Part of the problem is the jail is overcrowded, with it currently housing over 1,600 inmates when it was built to house 1,200.

They’ve even called other counties to see if they can house a few for the time being.

"Our employees and inmates deserve better than this,” Taylor said.

Next week, extra fans will be on hand at the jail to help keep it as cool as possible.

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