Oklahoma animal rescue organization takes in paralyzed goat; donations needed for his care

LUTHER, Okla. – An animal rescue organization in Luther welcomed another animal in need of help – meet Scooter the goat!

Officials at Oliver and Friends Farm Rescue and Sanctuary say they took in Scooter on Wednesday “from a family who loved him very much but knew he needed some specialized care and medical help.”

They say Scooter was picked up and bitten by a mule on his back and spine when he was only a couple of hours old, causing significant injuries and making him paralyzed. Scooter is able to wiggle his tail and occasionally move his legs, but he cannot use them.

The rescue will be taking Scooter to their veterinarian “for a full workup and radiographs to make sure that he’s ok in there and to assess if he needs any surgery or medication, and he will need a custom cart ASAP.”

If you’d like to help, you can make a donation using PayPal to oliverandfriendsfarmsanctuary@gmail.com, using this link here, or by clicking the link on the rescue’s Facebook post.

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