Busy bees working hard at Oklahoma landfill

TULSA, Okla. – A landfill in Tulsa has a few busy bees who are trying to keep life sweet while helping the environment.

Kenneth Burkett, the owner of American Environmental Landfill, heard about the plight of bees worldwide and wanted to do something to boost their numbers locally.

“You hear all the time about how bee populations are dropping off,” said Burkett. “I just wanted to do my part in helping keep the bee population strong while also helping our local environment.”

The idea blossomed when his company was faced with the choice of using herbicides to control brush growth near power lines on the company’s property. Burkett knew that chemicals could permanently impair the native bee population, so Burkett decided to hand clear the bushes and set up beehives to help nurture the local bee population.

At this point, the organization is raising over 1 million honeybees at its landfill in Tulsa.

Now, the bees produce two types of ‘landfill honey’ that visitors can taste when they come for a tour.

“This year’s honey harvest is in, and it’s a good one,” said Todd Green, Vice President of American Waste Control. “These bees are very docile and make delicious honey. We’re thrilled to have them around and boost pollination of many different kinds of plants and flowers around the region. It really makes us feel we’re doing something important.”

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