“Justice has failed tremendously,” Mothers of double murder victims disagree with sentences

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- The mothers of two men killed and dismembered last April say they do not agree with the sentences handed to two brothers charged in connection.

In April 2018, 21-year-old Jarron Moreland and 21-year-old Alize Smith were reported missing.

Investigators later discovered they were shot in a Crest parking lot during an apparent firearm sale exchange with two brothers, then 16-year-old Brett Boettler and then 22-year-old Kevin Garcia-Boettler.

Days later, the bodies of Moreland and Smith were found dismembered in a pond near 51st and Sooner Road in Oklahoma City.

Under a plea deal, Brett Boettler was sentenced to life with all but 30 years suspended and 15 years of probation for seven felony charges. Sentences for each charge will be served concurrently. Garcia-Boettler will serve 25 years as an accessory.

However, Smith's mother tells us she didn't agree with the state's recommendation.

"We’re not talking about taking candy from the store, or a getting a speeding ticket...something light," Destiny Smith said. "They say life, but life to me is when you’re not able to take anymore breaths on this earth. That’s life to me. They took my son’s life."

Smith tells us, she was ready to take the case to trial; however, she claims the state wanted to "drag it out."

"Who in their right mind would not want to go to trial or to the lengths of the world for their child or their family member?" she said. "One of things that they [state] said to me was if it went to jury trial, we would have to prove that a murder took place and my response was, do you not need my son’s death certificate?"

First assistant district attorney Travis White told News 4, they would not have moved forward with the plea deal if the families didn't agree to it.

He also told us, they never tried to talk the families out of going to trial.

However, he admitted every case had its challenges, including this one.

"In this case, there was some evidence that one of the victims had a firearm during the exchange in which both victims were killed, things like that," White said Wednesday. "Obviously, we want as much time as we can get. We wanted more time but through those meetings with those representatives of the victims’ families, we were able to arrive at a number that we felt was appropriate for the resolution of this case."

We asked Jarron Moreland's mother. Kennetha, whether she wanted to take the case to trial.

"I mean, if I had to, I did. I’m going to be honest with you. I was tired of going to Cleveland County looking at them. April was very rough month for me. My son got killed in April. He came up missing, didn’t find him until the 18th," Moreland said. "Then it was my grandson’s birthday. His daddy’s gone. I got to explain to him, he’s crying. He’s worried, because his daddy’s not here anymore and then my grandson’s birthday was on the 28th. Two days later, I had to bury his daddy."

While she did not agree justice was served, she said she's taking it one day at a time.

"I have Jarron’s remains in my house and I have it right by the window, so I get up every morning. "Good morning, Jarron! How are you doing today? Mama is going to open the window, so you get some sunlight." I pick up his vase and I hug it and I kiss it, and I tell him I love you and I miss you," she said.

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