Thieves target 75-year-old man trying to pay for wife’s cancer treatment

HOMINY, Okla. – Even though he is 75-years-old, Frank Hudson is always working.

“Six days a week, I’m cutting a yard somewhere,” Hudson told KJRH.

After working at the city cemetery, he heads to his Hominy neighborhood to continue working. Sometimes, he will help others for free, but other times he gets paid to mow lawns.

The money he earns goes to one place- his wife’s cancer treatment.

“It just helps. Not trying to get rich, just pay the bills,” he said.

However, he is now worried about how he’ll be able to pay those bills after thieves stole his mower.

“It’s just a sad day when you can’t leave stuff in your yard without somebody coming and getting it, especially when it’s helping the whole community, not just myself,” Hudson said.

Hudson’s neighbors were floored by the news and are now working to get him a new mower

“How could somebody do it to him? There’s a lot of other people, but not him,” said Amanda Smith.

Friends set up a GoFundMe account to help Hudson.

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