Canadian County resident upset after home floods due to ditch drainage issues

CANADIAN CO., Okla. - Parts of Canadian County were left underwater after Tuesday night’s storms and the flooding really impacted one El Reno family.

They say a nearby road has made a bad situation, even worse.

Their home and property is surrounded by water.

They blame a brand new road and some serious drainage issues.

Rhonda Steenbergen woke up Wednesday to her home flooded and surrounded by water… something she says has never happened until the county built the new road.

“It’s going to be a lot to clean up,” said Steenbergen. “It has no place to go but up into my yard and towards my house. I felt like I was on a houseboat in the middle of the lake.”

Even after 36 years and surviving many storms, she’s never seen her house or property like this.

“Shocked,” said Steenbergen. “Shocked. I was sick basically. I missed a day of work because of it. Property owners shouldn’t have to suffer for a new road.”

Jack Stewart, Canadian County District Three Commissioner says they started the project in the fall.

“We've had to move so many pipes and drains because we built this road on the true section line, therefore it moved the alignment in some cases,” said Stewart.

Now, all of the water flows into one ditch.

Stewart says they’re still working on fixing it.

“It’s just been too wet, there’s been fences in the way,” said Stewart. “We are over here working every day that we can get in and not get mudded out, so we are doing it, but it just takes time.”

He says they plan to widen and deepen the ditch, but they also have to get permission to move a few property owners fences first.

“It’s flowing ok, it’s just that we probably need to add another pipe for this situation right here,” said Stewart.

Meanwhile, Steenbergen’s praying another storm doesn’t hit anytime soon.

“I just want to get it fixed to where I don’t have to deal with this problem again.”

Now, Steenbergen doesn’t have flood insurance, but Stewart says she can file an insurance claim through the county.

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