Special tricycle built for Oklahoma City girl found, returned to family

OKLAHOMA CITY -An Oklahoma City mother says her faith in humanity has been restored after she received good news about her daughter’s custom-made tricycle.

17-year-old Ariona Dalatri is blind and struggles when it comes to day-to-day mobility.

“She has limited mobility and she doesn’t get out and exercise and run like you would call ‘a normal kid.’ This bike will help her with those cognitive skills,” said Jeremy Dalatri, Ariona’s father.

A few years ago, AMBUCS gave Ariona a custom-made tricycle that helps her get around a bit easier.

Earlier this week, they realized that someone stole the $3,000 tricycle.

“I felt violated. More so that someone stole from her than if it were from me,” Tiffany Dalatri, Ariona’s mother, told KFOR.

The family says Oklahoma City AMBUCS offered to get Ariona a brand-new bike.

However, it doesn't look like that will be necessary.

On Friday morning, Dalati posted that a police officer knocked on their door and said that Ariona's tricycle had been found.

"Thank you to everyone that donated, sent messages, shared posts, and most importantly prayed. I don't know who needed this experience but I am glad God gave us people like you. You restored my hope in humanity! Thank you," the post read.

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