To Moms With Love: The Center for Family Love residents put everything they have into their special arrangements

OKARCHE, Okla. - For all the hours employees work in this greenhouse, this week is their favorite pay period.

Each of them is a resident at the Center For Family Love in Okarche.

"There's no such thing as a flower we can't use," says Horticulture Supervisor and Job Coach Melanie Corbett.

They're paying jobs to help care for these growing plants, to care for a lazy cat they named Smoky, and for Mother's Day.

They all pitch in to prepare these flower arrangements to sell in their gift shop.

Corbett points out, "Both of these will be available for sale in our gift shop."

Melanie has everything laid out for her colorful assembly line; purples, reds, and greens.

Ask her employees the difference between a dianthus and a dandelion and they can't tell you.

But ask each one of these developmentally disabled adults about their own mothers and they open up like a flower.

"I love my mom very much," smiles Shelly. "I love my mom too," echoes Ashley.

Two sizes, large and small, made by Ashley, Shelley, Dolly, Stanley, and Linda, each of whom love their moms most of all, even the ones they can't hug any more.

"My mom is up there," points Linda.

Business owners are always looking for people who put their hearts into their work.

At the Center for Family Love bosses like Director Debbie Espinosa have that in 'garden spades'.

She explains, "I think when they're able to serve others and serve mothers that helps them understand the love they have for their own mothers."

Knowing where these arrangements are going makes their labors a Mother's Day gift worth giving.

They end with a wish in unison, "Happy Mothers Day from all of us."

To order flowers or find out more about the Center for Family Love click here or call 405-263-4658.

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