Man arrested following shooting at Mother’s Day gathering

TULSA, Okla. – Authorities in Tulsa say one man is in custody after a shooting at a Mother’s Day gathering.

On Sunday afternoon, Tulsa police were called to a shooting at the London Square Apartments.

Investigators say the day started out with good intentions. Authorities learned that despite family disagreements, one family decided to come together for Mother’s Day in hopes that they could settle their disagreements peacefully.

However, the day took a terrible turn.

“Apparently, there were multiple guns involved and shots were exchanged by at least two different people,” said Tulsa Police Sgt. Mike Parsons.

Officials say one of those people was a lawful gun owner and feared for his life.

Investigators say Eric Lollis shot into a car full of people before he went back to his apartment.

“They’re all saying that their cousins, second cousins, sons, nephews, aunts, the whole deal so it was apparently quite a large gathering,” Parsons told FOX23.

One person was taken to the hospital after being shot in the leg.

Lollis is facing three counts of shooting with intent to kill.

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