Oklahoma couple in shock after railroad spike stuck in side of house

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PONCA CITY, Okla. - "There was a loud crash and we came outside to look for it," said Ponca City Resident Haleigh Oconner.

The couple found something they'd never experienced before.

A railroad spike, stuck in the side of their house.

"I didn`t see anything different at first, I didn`t notice it and I started looking a little bit closer. There`s the nail. It just kind of blew my mind," said Ponca City resident Kainen Armstrong.

The couple lives behind railroad tracks.

They think the spike flew from the tracks and stuck into the foundation of their home.

"Trying to figure out what could`ve happened, cause it was almost surreal," said Oconner.

"Even if it was a one in a million chance, there`s that one in a million chance right there," Armstrong added.

Original comments pointed the finger at them.

"I just don`t see why we would go and destroy our own house and bring this kind of attention," said Armstrong.

The couple now warning others who live near the tracks.

"My kitchen window is right there. If it did come flying it could`ve hit me, it could`ve hit my dogs," said Oconner.

"We have a fire pit there, we have a grill, we come outside. There`s always a chance that something could hit us. It`s no rare occurrence for rocks to be thrown into our yard," said Armstrong.

News 4 spoke with the railroad company, they say they've never heard of something like this happening.

Once they get a report of the problem, they say they'll work with the homeowners to fix it.

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