Oklahoma Department of Corrections asking for help naming puppies

OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma Department of Corrections is asking for your help with a couple of new additions to the agency.

Boomer, a DOC narcotics dog, recently gave birth to eight puppies.

Agency officials say the dogs will all become narcotics dogs when they get a little older, but now two of them need names.

So far, the other six puppies have been named Ellie, Cleo, Ruger, Colt, Case, and Jaeger.

However, agency leaders say they are still struggling to name two other male pups.

“We have two males that we’re just kinda struggling with, and this is our second litter over the last couple of years, so we’ve kinda run the course and now we want to ask for help,” said Lt. Eric Enblom, a correctional security manager with the Oklahoma Department of Corrections.

The agency is asking for short, easy to pronounce name suggestions.

You are asked to submit your suggestions to K9names@doc.ok.gov by Friday.

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