26 dogs, 1 cat found living in home; Tulsa SPCA steps in to help

TULSA, Okla. – The Tulsa SPCA is working to help dozens of animals recover after they were found at a suspected hoarding home.

Recently, the SPCA in Tulsa was contacted by a family dealing with an unexpected loss of a loved one.

Extended family went to the home where they found 26 dogs and one cat living in bad conditions.

The family first called the sheriff’s office, however, deputies suggested they look for other options due to limited resources and immediate care.  That’s when the SPCA said they could help care for the animals.

“The family had reached out to us because they knew they couldn’t take care of them anymore,” said Troy Martin, Director of Community Engagement for Tulsa SPCA. “It’s the first time I think some of these animals had come out of this kennel. They were scared, they didn’t know what to do, it was heartbreaking.”

The shelter’s cruelty investigator looked at the case and said there were homemade kennels made out pallets that were chicken-wired together.

According to FOX 23, two dogs tested positive for heartworm disease and some dogs had anywhere from 60 to 100 ticks.

The animals received vaccinations, were spayed and neutered, had matted hair removed and are recovering back to a healthy weight.

“Our goal is, ultimately, we see each and every one of them in a happy home,” said Martin.

The Tulsa SPCA has a capacity of about 45 animals, and their cruelty investigator has already investigated about 800 cases this year.

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