College counselor accused of giving AP tests early to students at Putnam City North

OKLAHOMA CITY - An investigation into allegations that a college counselor at Putnam City North High School administered AP tests to some students is underway. That's according to Putnam City Schools officials who declined to go into further detail, calling it a personnel matter.

"Teachers and other students have been talking about it," said student Iyana Normore.

The news has spread throughout the school over the past week. Students tell News 4 the college counselor let a small number of students take the test early, speculating it was because the students' schedules conflicted with the designated testing day.

Advanced Placement programs allow high school students to earn college credits. The exams are strictly administered and controlled by The College Board, and students across the country all take the tests on the same day to prevent sharing questions and answers. There is an alternative late test day available to some schools, but those tests have different questions for students. Putnam City Schools officials have not said whether or not late test days are available to students.

According to the College Board website, "Early testing is not permitted under any circumstances." It also states, "If a school fails to follow AP security procedures and doesn't administer the alternate exams on the specified dates at the specified times, scores for those exams will be canceled, and the school may be prohibited from offering AP Exams in the future."

One student who wanted to remain anonymous told News 4 she took an AP exam last week at the designated time, however now it and another exam have both been voided as a result of what's being investigated. She said she felt like it had been a waste of her time.

School officials have not answered questions on whether students whose tests were voided will have another opportunity to take those tests. They also have not said whether allegations that the college counselor has administered tests early in previous years are being investigated.

School spokesperson Steve Lindley said in a statement on Monday, "Putnam City Schools is actively looking into the possibility of irregularities in the administration of a limited number of Advanced Placement tests at Putnam City North High School. This is a matter that we take very seriously, but because the investigation is a personnel matter, details are confidential."

On Tuesday, in response to further questioning, he said in a statement, "What I can tell you is that school and district officials are continuing to look into advanced placement testing irregularities at Putnam City North. The investigation calls for a detailed examination of issues and includes communication and cooperation with the testing company."

No students told News 4 there was any suspected cheating as a result of the recent allegations.

"In this situation, it's not a concern," Caprie Gordon said. "Maybe in other situations, in other tests, it would be a concern, but I don't think it's one here."

Neither Gordon nor Normore blamed the college counselor allegedly responsible.

"She's a really, really wonderful, nice woman. She's just trying to help," Gordon said. "Nobody needs to lose their job over it. Nobody's whole life needs to be destroyed over it, like, somebody trying to help some kids."

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