Firefighters, Devon CEO describe chaos after window washers left swinging in basket above OKC’s tallest building 

OKLAHOMA CITY - It was an unbelievable and terrifying sight Wednesday morning in downtown Oklahoma City - a window washing basket swinging high above the Devon Tower.

It became unsecured, leaving two men inside in serious danger.

Amazingly, after the rescue, the men refused medical treatment.

Much of downtown Oklahoma City was at a standstill as the chaotic scene unfolded.

Firefighters pulling up to the Devon Tower realized it was going to be far from their ordinary rescue.

"Swinging just wildly out of control," said Batt. Chief Benny Fulkerson.

Terror unfolding more than 800 feet in the air.

Above the 50th story, the workers were trapped in the out-of-control window washing basket that became unsecured, smashing into windows.

"You could hear it hitting, very loudly,  the side of the building," said Dave Hager, CEO of Devon Energy.

He was three floors below.

"It was stunning, frankly, that something like this happened," Hager said.

Though this is by far the tallest building in Oklahoma, Oklahoma City firefighters train for situations like this and were already prepared. Their technical rescue team went to the top of the building, throwing ropes to the workers.

"Then drop the rope back down to our firefighters who then basically created a towing system to utilize with those ropes that were dropped to bring the basket under control a little bit," Fulkerson said.

A little more than 30 minutes after the original call, firefighters were able to get the men to safety.

Firefighters say despite the chaos, the men were able to stay calm enough to play a crucial role in their own rescue.

"I would like to meet these individuals because what they did was absolutely amazing because they were on a ride that no one would want to experience, to say the least," said Fulkerson.

"Just grateful for the response of the Oklahoma City Fire Department and all the first responders that just did an outstanding job responding so quickly in this incident," Hager said.

Firefighters say they will not be the ones investigating the incident.

That will be up to Devon and the contract company the men work for.

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