Online OKCPS ransomware issue continues

OKLAHOMA CITY - “Concern… I’m in the I.T. industry, so I know what that means,” said concerned parent Ryan Marshall.

For most parents, it means questions.

Summer's almost here, AP tests are in progress and still no new word from Oklahoma City Public Schools on their ransomware issue.

Parents said they did receive a text on Monday night, informing them of the problem, but haven't heard much since.

“We just wanna make sure teachers are able to get their grades in… close out the school year… and make sure all the data is secure and okay,” Marshall said.

Teachers also worried, saying the complication affects everything. They told us that they can't even turn their computers on, no grade input, no email and they're forced to do attendance on paper.

“Well, I’m really surprised… I’m shocked,” said grandparent Carol Sullivan.

Parents of soon-to-be graduates are especially overwhelmed.

One parent said "senior obligations, graduation needs and transcripts are the most pressing," adding "colleges are requesting documents the schools need to provide."

News 4 asked administration what they're doing to fix the problem, if they're having to pay, when it will be back up and running... They said they couldn't answer.

Teachers were told systems would be down through the week.

Parents said one positive is the students aren't feeling the effects.

“The teachers have done a great job of making sure things are seamless for the kids,” Marshall said.

Staff with the state Office of Management and Enterprise Services said they are advising the district in the situation.

Brett Weber, a professor of cyber security, told News 4 that ransomware does disrupt the service.

It typically doesn't delete data and would be harder for someone to recognize an infiltration in the system.

Generally speaking, he said, it involves a higher-skilled hacker.

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