Police warning Oklahoma City residents after series of unusual car burglaries

OKLAHOMA CITY – Police in Oklahoma City are warning residents to protect themselves following an unusual string of car burglaries.

On April 22, officers began investigating a car burglary in southwest Oklahoma City.

According to the police report, the victim told police that he went to Chase Bank to deposit and withdraw money.  Just minutes after arriving home, he found that his front window was busted and his property was stolen.

The victim told investigators that whoever broke into the vehicle and stole the money could have followed him from the bank.

The next day, April 23, officers were called to the Mercy NW Clinic following another auto burglary. The victim told police that he went to the Bank of America Financial Center along W. Memorial Rd. to withdraw cash from his account.

He says he went to the clinic and was only inside for a few minutes until he realized that his truck had been burglarized. He says that his passenger’s window was smashed and the money was missing from the center console.

One day later, police were called to the Outlet Mall on a similar theft.

Investigators say the victim went to Bank of America to withdraw hundreds of dollars from his account. Once he had the money, he placed it in his glovebox and drove to the Outlet Mall.

When he returned to his car, he realized that his window was broken and the cash was missing from his glovebox. Police noted that there was a laptop that was in the back seat that was not touched. Instead, it appeared the thieves “broke the window, reached in, searched the glove box, and never even opened the door,” the report read.

At this point, officials say they do not have any suspects in mind. However, they warn to never leave valuables in your car, even if you believe they are hidden.

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