Teenager accused of nearly killing man during cell phone sale in south OKC

OKLAHOMA CITY - A man is fighting for his life after he was shot in the chest at point-blank range over a $100 cell phone.

Joshua Wright went to the Brookwood Apartments to sell his iPhone 6 to someone he met on the LetGo app. His mother, fiance, and stepson went with him. When the teenager buyer was satisfied the phone work, Wright's mother, Sheila Freeman, said he put the phone in his pocket, pulled out a gun.

"That’s when he said, 'Sorry, got to do this." Freeman said her son pleaded with him not to shoot. "He was like, 'Please, please, not in front of my mom and my son,' and when he did that, he shot him," Freeman said.

The suspect ran away while neighbors nearby rushed out to help Josh, bleeding on the pavement. Freeman said the bullet missed his heart by centimeters.

"I just kept saying ,"Keep breathing, babe, come on, deep breaths,'" Freeman said. "That’s what I kept saying to him, and I just kept holding that sweater on there."

Freeman said the bullet missed his heart by centimeters, but it tore up his insides. Twelve surgeries later, Wright is still in the hospital.

"This is going to be life-changing for him," Freeman said. "It already has been."

The teen was found a week later and arrested by the Oklahoma City Gang Enforcement Unit. The 17-year-old already has a growing criminal record. Freeman said she wants to see him tried as an adult.

"He’s going to just continue to hurt people if he’s out on the street," she said.

Charges against him now include assault and battery with a deadly weapon,

Wright's family started a GoFundMe account to help his fiance and their three kids pay the bills while he's hospitalized.

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