NWS: Geronimo tornado rated EF 2

GERONIMO, Okla. - "She has some bruises and some cuts... I think she`s gonna be ok," said Lyle Cable.

Cable works with the Comanche Nation Emergency Management.

Storms annihilated two homes off of SE 45th near Geronimo early Saturday.

One man now feeling lucky to be alive.

"All of a sudden the roof was gone and I was looking up at the sky," said homeowner Weldon Simmons.

It started around 7:30 a.m.

Power lines were down, trees uprooted, and families left in shock.

'We`ve had some high winds up here, and the tree had blown a lot like it, but there was a little different feeling... I didn`t hear no big sound or nothing," said Simmons.

Simmons said it all happened fast.

"It was quick it was quick... the roof was gone it was quick," he said.

His focus the whole time was to save his wife.

"That`s all I was worried about was getting her out," said Simmons.

"The gentleman was out here walking around and his wife was actually still in the house and she was standing up out of a window that collapsed over on top of her," said Geronimo firefighter Clayton Maldonado.

Simmons' wife was sent to the hospital with minor injuries.

Comanche county emergency management says a total of three people suffered from minor injuries.

"Terrible deal... it`s a terrible thing," Simmons said.

Officials confirmed the tornado produces at least EF2 damage.

"I actually saw the funnel cloud about halfway to the ground," said Maldonado.

The community rushing to help.

"We`re all family we try to take care of everybody and make sure their needs are taken care of," said Cable.

Simmons now holding on to his faith.

"I`m just thankful for the good Lord and how He has helped us through the years you know... He`ll help us," he said.

Simmons said his plan is to rebuild his home, right where the old one once stood.

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