Porch pirate steals chemotherapy medication from Oklahoma City family

OKLAHOMA CITY - James Mills has a form of brain cancer.  He's supposed to start a round of chemo on Monday, but thanks to a porch pirate that's not going to happen.

“We received a notification that my chemotherapy medication had been delivered from UPS.  I checked the door and didn’t see the package.  I double checked and they said it had been delivered," Mills told Local 4. "I check the security cameras, and I saw the UPS driver deliver it, then about eight minutes later another individual comes up grabs it and takes off.”

Mills said it looked like the suspect knew exactly what he was doing. He had his hoodie on, and kept his head down, to avoid the cameras on either side of the porch.

Now, Mills doesn't know if he will be able to get more medication in time to start this round of chemo.

"I mean, it's absolutely essential. I'm in a clinical trial where everything has to be taken at a certain time. A certain dose at a certain time, and I'm scheduled to start that tomorrow," Mills said. "So, hopefully I can get a replacement before I get too far out of range."

James's wife Heather says the thief is adding insult to an already difficult process.

“It was frustrating, I was pretty angry. It’s not easy, I mean, we had trouble getting that medicine to begin with. Having to call the pharmacy, go through the doctor to get approvals and things like that. That in itself is frustrating," Heather said.  "Of all the thing that could have been taken. All of the packages we receive that could have been taken, it had to be his medication."

Now all the family can do is call their pharmacy Monday, and hope they are able to get replacement medication in time to start the clinical trial chemo session.

"The pharmacy is closed because it's the weekend, so I'm going to have to try and get a hold of them first thing in the morning.  See what can be done.  It's pretty expensive medication as well," James said. "We'll have to find out what the procedure is to get replacement."

The Mills have filed a report with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

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