Drive to school proves treacherous in the northwest metro

OKLAHOMA COUNTY - The drive to school turned treacherous for many on Tuesday morning.

Floodwaters covered roads - leaving many stranded.

One family was rescued live on News 4's morning broadcast.

From teenage drivers to parents with small kids, it was certainly a time of concern.

It was a Tuesday morning, and the bus was running behind - so Rachael Metzler decided she'd take her kids, James and Madelyn, to school in Piedmont herself.

"And, that did not work, not a good plan," Metzler said.

The family ended up in a heavily flooded area near Northwest 150th and County Line Road.

Metzler didn't call 911; she said she thought others may need the help more.

"I assumed we were safe where we were, so I was just going to sit it out," she said. "We'd have to sit all day."

But, they didn't; our cameras were rolling as firefighters went to their rescue.

The kids were rescued first - then mom.

The Metzler kids didn't make it to school, but many students and parents heading to a nearby district - known for flooding - Deer Creek Public Schools - in Edmond did. Although, it took some time.

Video was sent to us from a concerned parent. Her teenage son's commute took more than an hour.

Other parents on social media told us that it took their kids more than two hours, when it usually only takes about 20 minutes.

One thing's for certain: it was a morning commute many will never forget.

"Just a little adventure, a new experience to put in the books, right?" Metzler said.

The good news is the family was not injured.

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