Oklahoma City police investigate homicide after father allegedly shoots, kills son

OKLAHOMA CITY – A fight between a father and son has turned deadly in northwest Oklahoma City.

Police were called out to a shooting around 9:30 p.m. Sunday near Eagle Lane and W 111th, where they said the 49-year-old father allegedly shot and killed his son, 20-year-old Brayden Roberts.

“It appears that, for whatever reason, the two became involved in a fight last night. The fight was continuing to escalate; the father armed himself with a pistol,” Msgt. Gary Knight said. “At some point during the fight, the pistol discharged, striking and killing the young man.”

Stacy Yanto lives a few houses down, and she said she was outside doing yard work when everything happened.

“I just saw fire truck, ambulances, cops coming through,” Yanto told News 4. “We came out to see what was going on; I saw a girl come out of the house hysterical, and crying and everything.”

The Yanto family moved to the area just three months ago, so they didn’t really know the Roberts family but they said that was the case for most of the neighborhood.

“No, nobody really knows them. They never see them out as often. They’ve seen them come out a few times, but that’s about it. Like, nobody really talks to them, or had any relations to them,” Yanto said.

Police said the father was questioned both on scene and at police headquarters before being released pending further investigation.

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