Ponca City dealing with historic flooding after storms

PONCA CITY, Okla. - “It sounded like thunder; it was a lot of water,” said Ponca City resident Austin Weber.

Water continued to rise Tuesday all over parts of Ponca City.

“It’s the highest I’ve ever seen it in the pond ever, and it had covered the island and the deer on the island and everything,” said Ponca City native Vicki Poulson.

“It’s pretty scary looking; it’s really powerful. It sounded really really loud,” said resident Tyrell Young.

In some places, it was measured in feet instead of inches.

“It was knee deep in the garden and, on down this road, it was waist deep,” said resident Maurice Midgley.

People are now scrambling to clean up debris.

“My entire yard here was flooding right up to this tree right here. There was lots of stuff that floated away. Our garbage cans and a lot of other stuff,” Midgley said.

Vicki Poulson was renting out her house to a family, when the storms rolled through.

“She has two little girls, and it was clear up to their house and they were afraid it was gonna come in,” she said.

At Hideaway Marina on Kaw Lake, crews were working to re-attach the dock to land.

“A lot of people are just waiting for the water to go down so we can rent a slip and put our boat in,” said Luther Kuhlmann.

It was a terrifying moment for one family, when they discovered their storm shelter full of water.

“Our tornado shelter had already flooding and, because of the threat, we went to our daughter's house in town,” Midgley said.

Most people in Ponca City agree that this round of flooding was one for the record books.

“Worst I’ve ever seen it in 23 years,” Young said.

“This is worst I’ve seen it since I’ve lived here,” Midgley said.

As of Tuesday evening, KFOR meteorologists said Ponca City has received over half a foot of rain.

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