Woman tries to save man from car in canal

OKLAHOMA CITY - It was a scary situation along the Oklahoma Canal after a car drove off the road and plunged into the water.

Paramedics eventually pulled the man unconscious from the water.

This all happened Tuesday night around 8 p.m.

Video was shot by a couple following the car they say was driving erratically over the bridge near the Boathouse District. It goes off the road and through a fence, then down the hill into the water.

Stephanie Paige saw it all happen and got out of the car jumped into the water to try to help the driver as the car went under.

"Once the car went underwater, he was screaming, 'help me, help me, please get me out!' I mean, I just couldn’t sit and watch the car go under without trying to do something, but I wasn’t strong enough to pull the door open," said Paige.

First responders eventually arrived on the scene and were able to get the man out of the car. He was unconscious and CPR was performed. The man was transported to a nearby hospital in critical condition.

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