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Flood waters from Cimarron River take out homes in Twin Lakes

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TWIN LAKES, Okla. - Homes are teetering on the edge of Twin Lakes, at risk of falling into the Cimarron River.

Air Comfort Solutions Chopper 4 was there as the rushing river ate away at the ground underneath two homes.

“It`s sad,” said Lori Dahlem, a resident and Twin Lakes volunteer firefighter. “It’s totally sad. This is our home. this is our community.”

“It`s very terrifying,” said Virginia Green, a Twin Lakes resident.

At least one house is already in pieces.

But, minutes later, a shed slams into another home along the Cimarron River and was later swept away.

“You see big trees fall in and then you see wells from the houses fall in and then you see the house fall in,” said Dahlem.

The Twin Lakes Fire Department says Twin Lakes Sports Club is full of about 400 people and about half of those people are going to be affected if the rushing water continues to rise.

“It`s going to fill up the lakes and it`s going to make the whole park a big pond and some of the people wouldn`t be able to get out,” said Fire Chief Mike Gilliam.

Gilliam’s one of many First Responders working tirelessly helping people get valuables out of their home and keep them safe.

“'I’ve been up for 48 hours,” said Gilliam. “It`s one of the hardest things you have to do is tell people they have to leave their homes, but it`s a necessary thing.”

And they’ve experienced flooding in the past, but nothing like this.

The rushing water keeps eroding the river bank.

“We`ve had about 3 to 4 floods since then that would take a little at a time, but this one has taken a lot more,” said Dahlem.

As many still wait and prepare for the worst, they’re grateful the First Responders were proactive.

“It means a lot,” said Green. “It`s like family being together. If ones affected then everybody affected.”

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