Water levels at Arcadia Lake remain more than 12 feet above elevation

EDMOND, Okla. -- Public access parks at Arcadia Lake remain closed due to flooding from recent heavy rainfall and ensuing runoff.

"The normal elevation is 1,006 feet. Right now, we’re about 1,018 and a half so that means the water level is 12.5 feet than it normally would be," said Casey Moore, public information officer for the city of Edmond.

News 4 walked with Moore around the lake on Wednesday. Debris was visibly floating the flood waters, which covered some picnic tables and metal poles Docks and campsites were inaccessible.

The closure includes Central State Park, Edmond Park, Scissortail Campground, Carl Reherman Park and Spring Creek Park.  Additionally, the Spring Creek Trail is also closed due to high water in multiple areas.  The closures come ahead of what would be a typically busy Memorial Day Weekend.

Angela London is traveling to Nashville, Tennessee and said she wanted to stop by the lake along the way.

"It’s sad, you know? Because I was really hoping to see the lake because I’m a dirt person and a rock person you know? I know the dirt around there is red and that is like, my favorite color dirt," London said.

According to Moore, the closure will cause a financial hit but not necessarily a financial hardship.

"The money that comes in through lake fees and user fees out here helps pay for the operations of the lake, so our hope is that we’ll be able to make that up as the year goes on," he said.

Meridith Saunders said while the closure is disappointing, she understands.

"We just got our boat last week and took it out on Sunday and it was already high then. We couldn’t even use the docks, so we kind of had to get in the water from the boarding area. Of course this year, I thought, oh watch this year it be a drought so we won’t be able to use a boat. So now, it’s a little too high," Saunders told News 4. "I don’t want to be out there if it’s unsafe, not taking my family or anything like that."

Moore said closures will last at least two weeks but there is no current timetable for reopening.

"This water level’s going to remain elevated until 1) natural evaporation can take place or 2) we’re allowed to let water out through the dam. Ultimately, that’s decided by the Army Corps of Engineers," he said.. "Ultimately, the lake is managed by the Army Corps of Engineers. Our staff manages the park areas and everything that surrounds that lake, but the lake itself is managed by the Army Corps of Engineers."

To view current lake levels, visit the Army Corps of Engineers Arcadia Lake here.

For information about Arcadia Lake, please contact 405-216-7470.

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