Metro counterfeiters use $1 bills that look like $100 bills

OKLAHOMA CITY - Two gluttonous criminals have used $1 bills made to look like $100 bills to eat high on the hog.

"That was a first for me," said Karen Moore.

The Broadway 10 chophouse server was talking about the counterfeit bills she received when waiting on two men at an upscale downtown Oklahoma City restaurant.

Caught on camera, Sunday afternoon, the two men entered Broadway 10 and were seated. Reading the menus, Moore said they asked about the $50 steaks.

"They were questioning our prices to begin with, and I told them, yes, that’s our prices and they were okay with that," she said.

Then, the fun begins. The two ordered appetizers, drinks, desserts.

"A nice rib-eye, nice rack of lamb, they really lived it up, made sure to make the fullest of it I believe," said Anthony Dobey, Broadway 10 manager.

After they were done eating, they reportedly asked for the $180 check and took a minute to take out cash from their wallets.

"They both walked out, told me that there was cash on the table and that I could keep the tip," Moore said.

When Moore walked over to the table, she saw the counterfeits.

"I could tell immediately that they were fake bills just by the color," she said. "When I examined them closer, I could tell that they had been washed and reprinted with $100 bills."

And, that looks to be exactly what they are. $1 bills made to look like C-notes.

Store managers called the police. The Oklahoma City Police Department said they have handed over the case to the Secret Service, the agency that investigates counterfeit bills.

But, right now, the chophouse hopes their surveillance cameras catch the to glutenous criminals.

"I would hope that they get caught; we have some pretty clear footage," Dobey said.

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