More homes in danger of collapsing into Cimarron River

TWIN LAKES, Okla. - Many homes are still teetering on the edge at Twin Lakes Sports Club in Logan County and in danger of falling into the Cimarron River.

The river already raging through Logan County, eroding the already fragile riverbanks.

At least 4 homes have been lost and officials fear more are about to fall.

Many homeowners have already packed up and evacuated.

The river has gone down some, but with more potential rain in the forecast, the ones left on the edge are still in danger.

"It's devastating," said Colt Margerum, a homeowner. "Just explosion then it just dropped off. It's just been chaos, complete chaos."

But, this isn't the first time the Cimarron River took a toll on their property.

In 2015, part of their yard washed away.

"We had 50-60 feet in front of our house," said Margerum.

This time around, they weren't waiting to see what happened.

They packed up all of their valuables before their home collapsed.

"You never know," said Margerum. "You just plan on it every time, every storm that comes through."

David Ball, the Logan County Emergency Manager spent the day assessing the damage at Twin Lakes.

"It's crazy how it erodes," said Ball. "I mean, your heart just breaks for these folks because these are their homes."

So far, about 4 to 5 homes have fallen into the Cimarron River, and while some homes are still standing, they aren't livable.

"Overall, we've been blessed because we haven't had any fatalities in Logan County that I am aware of and we haven't had any major injuries that I am aware of," said Ball.

Margerum says he and his family will start over once they get over the shock.

"It's hard to explain," said Margerum. "You can't put any emotion behind it until you have to feel it."

Ball says it's still early to say for sure, but those affected by the flooding and erosion might get help through FEMA.

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