Pastor, good Samaritans save woman from rushing flood waters

EDMOND, Okla. - “When I saw the truck going under the water and she’s in it, just panic,” said Pastor Josh Hannah.

Hannah recalled the terrifying moments of one woman's near-death experience.

“She was getting out of the window and, within 10 seconds of her being out of that truck, the truck sunk, it was completely gone,” he said.

Hannah rushed to help.

“When I’m beginning to walk in, I’m trying to figure out - am I gonna be able to stand in the water,” he said. “We’re out there together for probably at least 10 minutes."

Hannah consoled the woman the entire time.

“We’re having a conversation - the whole time, she’s wanting me to call her son… I don’t have a cellphone on me. I knew, at that point, she’s wanted me to tell her son bye or she wanted to share in case it was her last moment. I’m talking her through letting her know that 'You can call him when we get you out, when we get you out, you’re gonna be able to call your son, you’re gonna be fine,'” he said.

Shortly after, more help arrived.

"A young man pulls up on the scene that had a chain, and we tried - it wasn’t long enough, so we had jumper cables and we tied that to the chain - still wasn’t long enough,” he said.

Again, another scare.

“She went under the water, and I didn’t see her, she completely disappeared… at that point, I thought she had drowned."

The second rescuer pulled the woman out of the water and back to a tree.

“He literally lets go to go save her, and he pulls her up... if he wouldn’t have pulled her up and pulled her to safety, she would’ve drowned,” Hannah said.

A third good Samaritan arrived with a tow rope.

"That gave us the length we needed, and we were able to get her in and get him in,” Hannah said. “Looking back, especially the two guys that showed up to help me out that helped her out - yeah, I’d call them heroes."

Hannah is still in awe of how things unfolded.

“I told her 'God saved you today,' and I meant it,” he said. “If you see someone in trouble and you realize they’re going to drown without help - I can’t imagine too many people not jumping in to help."

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