The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital gets grant to expand music therapy

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BETHANY, Okla. - The Children's Center Rehabilitation Hospital's music therapy program just received a $25,000 grant from a local non-profit for their music therapy program. It's helping children communicate and heal in a fun way.

From ocean drums to noise-making, there's a little something for everyone in The Children's Center music therapy room.

The instruments are helping kids escape from their troubles temporarily.

"A lot of times, I see a different kid than other people see because I kind of get to hide the therapy in the music," said music therapist Alex Robison.

All the while, helping them make big strides.

"Sometimes, they have respiratory issues, like underlying respiratory issues, so we play instruments where they have to take big deep breaths and we sing a lot to help articulation," Robison said.

Not long ago, News 4 told you about Opal Trimble, the youngest on record to be diagnosed with the rare AFM, "polio-like illness." She, too, is benefiting from music therapy, learning how to move once again.

"So, she's playing with me but she's also holding onto this object for the whole duration of the song," Robison said.

With the new grant from the Ad Astra Foundation, they'll be hiring a new staff member as well as adding more instruments. Robison said it will also allow for their therapists to get more training.

"In a 30-minute session, sometimes, we'll address all kinds of different motor, speech goals and, so, they're having a blast, and I'm having a blast and I'm having a blast with them."

With the addition of a fourth therapist, The Children's Center will now have the biggest music therapy program in the state.

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