“It’s just surreal,” Ponca City residents reeling after flood waters collapse roads, businesses

PONCA CITY, Okla. - “It’s mother nature… it’s a force," said Julie Stagner.

Stagner helped run Webb's Bar in Ponca City.

Forces of rushing water, destroying the 35-year-old establishment.

Stagner and the owner say the bar was a staple for locals.

“Webb’s was a small mom-and-pop bar. Once somebody came in they usually stayed in, we didn’t advertise, just by word of mouth,” she said.

The water destroyed Lake Road, where Webb's once had live music every week.

“When I saw it took the road out and the massive destruction … it’s just surreal,” said Stagner.

The destruction left the owners with their memories and one guitar.

“There was a lot of good times,” Stagner said, “My husband picked up his guitar that’s all he wanted.”

Friday's flooding wreaked havoc across the city.

“A lot of musty orders in the house… water in the yard- can’t mow,” said homeowner Maurice Midgley.

“Now it’s way past the bank… trees… a lot of foam from the water rushing so fast,” added Ponca City native Mike Dove.

The flooding creating dangerous situations.

“My tornado shelter is fuller now than it was, spilling into the yard,” said Midgley.

Around noon Friday, the Kay County Sheriff's Office had to increase the water release, warning people who live downstream.

Major flooding threatening the intersection of South & 14th.

“Since the dams been built I’ve never seen it like this,” said Dove.

Police evacuating neighborhoods off of Rosedale and Bellflower.

“Amazing that there’s not more damage or people being hurt because I’m sure a lot of people think oh it’ll never get up to where it is now,” said Dove, “When you visualize it and see it… it's much more scarier than when you’re just hearing about it on TV or talking about it,” he said.

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