Stillwater police warning residents after skimmer found at convenience store

STILLWATER, Okla. – Police in Stillwater are warning residents to check their credit card statements after a skimmer was found at a local convenience store.

Last week, officers received information that a skimmer was found on a point-of-sale credit card machine at Shepherd’s convenience store.

Investigators say that one suspect distracted the clerk, while the other applied a skimmer to the machine at the counter.

Authorities say the skimmer will capture your credit card information and store it locally on the skimmer. The suspect will then return at a later date to retrieve the skimmer from the card machine. The information is then generally sold on the black market.

“The Stillwater Police Department encourages individuals who use point-of-sale credit card machines to be vigilant and to ensure a skimmer has not been attached to the device. A skimmer is typically loosely attached to the point-of-sale machine so the suspect(s) can quickly remove it at the later date. Skimmers have been used at ATM, point-of-sale gas pumps, and point-of-sale machines at cash registers. A person can slightly pull on the location used to read their card to see if a skimmer is attached,” the department posted on Facebook.

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