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Harrah officials scramble to fix sinkhole that left residents without water early Saturday

HARRAH, Okla. – The heavy rains caused a sinkhole in Harrah early Saturday morning, leaving around 40 homes without water.

“I get up every morning at three. I noticed that when I went to make coffee that the water was brown,” Harrah resident Don Musgrove said. “I have back up water in the garage. I went to use that, but whenever I got the water to make coffee there was a lot of air coming out.”

The city acted fast, and some residents told News 4 they had their water back on just a few hours later.

“They are amazing getting out, I think one guy said he was out here at 3:30 this morning as soon as he got the call,” Harrah resident Larry Hull said. “He was already figuring out the problem and fixing it. These guys, they are on call all the time.”

According to the city, all affected residents should have running water again.

That doesn’t mean residents are going to trust what’s coming out of their faucets right away.

“We had problems this Friday where we couldn’t do laundry, we had to go places and stuff, and we were going to do it today,” Musgrove said. “When I woke up this morning I was like yeah, brown water is not really good for white sheets.”

The city said the current fix is only temporary, and they will figure out a more permanent solution to the problem next week.

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